When traveling, it seems I would forget my head if it wasn’t tied on!

Last week I was in lovely Mobile, AL for a couple days to visit a client and some consultants.  I had to switch hotels the second night to be closer to the airport in the morning.  When I was getting ready for bed that evening, I realized I forgot to check the bathroom of the previous hotel before checking out, and had left all my bathroom supplies there.  I had nothing.  I had left my toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, contact solutions, deodorant, razor, shaving cream….everything at the other hotel.

I started to think about all the items I have forgotten over the last year or so.  It adds up to a considerable amount of money.  All because I am rushing and not taking a few minutes to make sure I’ve gotten everything.  Here is the breakdown:

Hotels – I have forgotten 2 phone chargers ($30 each), 2 polo shirts ($80 each), all the bathroom supplies mentioned ($50), and a pair of dress pants ($80).  I guess some key areas to look before leaving your room include the closet, dresser drawers, the desk, nightstand, and obviously…the bathroom.  Total loss year to date – $340

Airplane – In the last year I have gone through two Bose headsets ($300 each), an iPad ($150), an iTouch ($300), and a couple DVDs ($50).  I left them all in the seat pocket…rushing to get off the plane without checking.  I had a consultant call me just a few weeks ago who had left their laptop on the plane.  That cost him $800 out of his own pocket.  My total loss year to date – $1100

Rental Car – The need to hurry through security to only sit in the Delta lounge has continued to cost me some serious money.  So far this year I’ve gone through 3 car phone chargers ($30 each) and 2 GPS ($150 each).  Somehow I’ve managed to leave these items sitting right on the front passenger seat and didn’t even bother to look.  One trip I left my wallet, but luckily that was recovered.  Total loss year to date – $390

My total loss year to date is around $1,830!!  All because I can’t check around for just a few minutes before rushing off.  I think I’ll start using chords to attach this stuff to my waist.  I just bought an iPad a few months ago; I don’t take my eyes of it when I’m on a plane.  Forgetting a toothbrush is one thing…but I’m hoping to hang on to my other travel toys moving forward.

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