FLY – Enhanced Screening Method Introduced at Logan Airport

I find it odd that my last posting was about how to deal with the inconsistent issues around delays and cancelations at our airports.  Since that time (I’ve been on vacation) the newest of delays has come out from the TSA.  An enhanced screening method to slow us down at security.  This is from just a few days ago…

“The Transportation Security Administration plans to start testing an expanded behavior-detection security program today at Logan International Airport, the first airport in the nation to roll out the enhanced screening method. Under the program, TSA officers will speak with every passenger passing through the Terminal A security checkpoint, asking each two or three questions, such as “Where are you traveling today?” or “How long have you been in town?” Officials said the intent is to detect suspicious behavior – such as someone sweating profusely or avoiding eye contact – a process the TSA estimates will take about 20 seconds per passenger.” (Aug. 2, 2011 Boston Globe)

Wow, if you are one of those people that gets nervous because you are running late…you are screwed!  Avoiding eye contact??  Are you serious?  Yeah, I’m avoiding eye contact so I don’t accidentally punch you!  LOL  I’m kidding.  Remember, take it slow and easy…”it is out of our control.”

I do however really hope this fails miserably and is challenged by every single person.  I unfortunately travel through terminal A weekly.  Sometimes more than once a week.  I have not seen this yet, but will certainly comment once I do.  My concerns stem primarily from an additional delay to the security line.  First the shoes have to go, then the full body scanners, now questioning…what is next?


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