FLY – PAN AM, a true flying experience…on tv

The new show, PAN AM, certainly appeals to the frequent flyer’s of today, and their envy for the “good old days.”  I couldn’t stop admiring the plush seats in both first class and in coach.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the booth type seat in 4D with the family (and cheating husband).  Everyone was certainly jealous of the couple being offered a bottle of champagne…even if ended up going to the English spy.  The bottom line, I’m hooked on this show just for it’s nostalgic view into true customer service.

From the very beginning this new series focused on the luxury of the customers experience on Pan Am.  Check out security.  No lines, simple little x-ray machines with no real scrutinizing of the luggage.  Real martini’s served in real martini glasses.  And did you see the kid visiting the captain!  I love the guy holding on to his huge briefcase during take off on his lap.  I was surprised no one was smoking, but it was only the first episode.  Finally, did you notice the food!  Oh, the good old days.

OK, so they didn’t have loyalty programs yet, so my experience would have been a bit different.  And the show obviously is working up to have ‘off the plane’ drama.  I don’t care…I’m hooked, and if you fly, you need to check this show out!

2 Comments on “FLY – PAN AM, a true flying experience…on tv

  1. I flew PanAm in 1975 to europe on a 747. I was only 9 years old but I remember the food was good and you could go upstairs to the lounge area. The capitain showed me the cockpit and gave me a set of gold capitain wings. I still have the PanAm carry on bag that came with our tickets.

    p.s. the spy guy was smoking on the plane…


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