Vaccine Management Consultant opportunities

Covid-19 vaccines are here…well sort of.  Let’s face it, it’s been the top news story (other than politics) for a couple months now.  Various levels of success on vaccine distribution are being reported from state to state.  All EHR systems have rolled out their software versions and solutions.  For us as consultants, we immediately have recognized the need for support at the client level regarding all these challenges and system changes.

I’ve been asked so many times this past year what we are doing at my company regarding Covid-19 response offerings.  The list just keeps growing, and now has shifted to vaccine management.  I thought this week I would take a moment to talk about what I’m seeing out there and will be eager to hear what you all have been doing as it relates to providing clients with support.   

The top focus right now is no doubt creating a program that streamlines vaccine administration and management.  A combination of EHR enhancement tools to workflow process design for program administrators and clinicians.  And obviously, having the resources to execute the program.

Here are some bullets on areas you may be asked to support:

  • EHR system upgrade support – All EHR’s have introduced enhancements and/or new software for contact tracing that tracks patients from initial screening, scheduling, vaccine administration and symptom tracking.  Customers need assistance with implementing and training.
  • Call center solutions – A big demand now to help with large increases and surges in call volumes.  Agents available to address frequently asked vaccine questions and provide eligibility screening via completion of patient questionnaires and/or surveys.
  • Scheduling Center solutions – A combination of screenings, patient portal access support, and vaccine scheduling services are all in demand, including appointment reminders.
  • Advisory solutions – Clients are seeking recommendation and guidance that aligns with CDC-recommended process for developing a vaccine distribution program including EHR, business, and billing processes to create a successful vaccine roll-out program.
  • Analytics and Data Management – Analytics are being used in a combination of vaccine distribution plans to define and redefine high-priority populations, track and allocate vaccine supplies, monitor population engagement and dosage regimen adherence, provide last mile/distribution logistics analytics, as well as effectiveness and safety pattern analysis.

This is an all hands on deck type of scenario for our customers right now.  My list of consultant opportunities is very much operational focused.  There are technology and software companies that are introducing products daily to assist with this immediate need. Here is a great article on 25 recently introduced vaccine solutions –

What are you doing to help your customer with vaccination management?  Would love to hear how you and your firm are extending services.  Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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