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A Shift in Consulting Travel Opportunities

In 2018 I shared a blog on the idea of remote contracting work (link), and the impact of rate, at a time that almost no one offered nor wanted such a situation.  Consultants wanted to travel, saw points and hotel/airline perks as an added… Continue Reading “A Shift in Consulting Travel Opportunities”

Press Releases and News that Every EHR Consultant Should Know About

There is never a dull moment in the world of Healthcare IT.  Throughout this winter almost every EHR vendor has made some major announcement regarding either an acquisition, merger, expansion of service, or new market focus.  As consultants it’s truly important we stay informed… Continue Reading “Press Releases and News that Every EHR Consultant Should Know About”

ViVE vs HIMSS…What is the Difference?

Florida will be hosting two of the largest Healthcare IT conventions back to back next month.  I’ve written many times about HIMSS in the past, and what consulting firms hope to get out of the event.  But this time I am writing because there… Continue Reading “ViVE vs HIMSS…What is the Difference?”

Best in KLAS…How you the Consultant Directly Impact the Results

Anyone who was on LinkedIn last week probably noticed the endless posts regarding Best in KLAS.  The annual report came out last Monday and showcased top rated EHRs including Epic and MEDITECH, top in Overall IT Services to Nordic, top in Revenue Cycle Services… Continue Reading “Best in KLAS…How you the Consultant Directly Impact the Results”

Remembering Epic’s UGM on September 11, 2001

Everyone has a story of where they were on 9/11.  Many talk about being at work or in school when someone called to say, “turn on the TV.”  Some folks were flying that day, while many were on vacation.  I personally, was sitting in… Continue Reading “Remembering Epic’s UGM on September 11, 2001”

Airlines Reopen For Business… Without Staff To Support

I was going to blame Hurricane Elsa on the fact that there was an 8.5 hour wait to reach a Delta agent. However I remembered last week it took 9 hours to reach an agent to change my flight, and there was no hurricane.… Continue Reading “Airlines Reopen For Business… Without Staff To Support”

Travel Insurance…Stay protected while traveling again

Expect the unexpected. Rarely is that old adage proven true as often as it is in the context of traveling. But some surprises aren’t as cool as cruising through the ocean and seeing a group of whales nearby.  With that in mind, it is… Continue Reading “Travel Insurance…Stay protected while traveling again”

Vaccine Management Consultant opportunities

Covid-19 vaccines are here…well sort of.  Let’s face it, it’s been the top news story (other than politics) for a couple months now.  Various levels of success on vaccine distribution are being reported from state to state.  All EHR systems have rolled out their… Continue Reading “Vaccine Management Consultant opportunities”

Consultant Travel – Covid Home & Airport testing options

With state restrictions and client testing requirements, Covid-19 testing has become essential for continued consultant travel. Having just completed my first business travel in 9 months, I found two great options, home testing before travel and airport testing when returning home. Both provided an… Continue Reading “Consultant Travel – Covid Home & Airport testing options”

Consulting in 2020 – a few hard lessons learned

2021 is finally here! I’m excited to be back online writing and sharing ideas with my fellow consultant friends and colleagues. We are stepping into the New Year with months of lessons learned from coping with quarantine, handling travel restrictions, offering services remotely, and… Continue Reading “Consulting in 2020 – a few hard lessons learned”