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NY Times Article Re: Epic…Clinical Adoption Failure

While attending a series of CHiME keynote speaker presentations this week, I found one physician’s views and materials extremely interesting. Certainly worthy of further discussion for those of us in the EHR consulting arena. Before diving in, let me say that overall I thought… Continue Reading “NY Times Article Re: Epic…Clinical Adoption Failure”

SLA vs KPI…What Truly Drives Performance Improvement

While reviewing a proposal request this week I started thinking about areas that drive success for our customers. I mean true measurable performance based outcomes that translate to system utilization improvements, end user satisfaction, and true return on investment. An industry trend continues to… Continue Reading “SLA vs KPI…What Truly Drives Performance Improvement”

Clickbait…Silly Headlines that have Consequences of Clicking

Let’s face it, Facebook is filled with crazy time consuming crap that for some reason finds many of us just clicking away for hours at a time. I realized I spend an average of 3 hours every Saturday and Sunday morning just clicking away… Continue Reading “Clickbait…Silly Headlines that have Consequences of Clicking”

JR does not appear on my flight reservation…Do I need to be concerned?

I’ve done so much research on this subject over the years after having a couple issues. Most recently at my new job. I’ve read that TSA requires an exact match on the ticket to your ID. However, Delta has never once printed JR on… Continue Reading “JR does not appear on my flight reservation…Do I need to be concerned?”

5 Tips for Providing References

A couple recent requests for references put me in an awkward situation.  One issue was the prior employee had not listed clients or roles that I could identify.  The other issue was an unrealistic timely response expectation.  Both happened in the same week, so… Continue Reading “5 Tips for Providing References”

Why do Recruiters only post the “Region” of the Country for opportunities?

Almost all recruiters provide details on opportunities including a vague description of the actual location of the client. The issue is that not everyone uses the same language to describe the “regions” or states within that region. I was recently asked if I could… Continue Reading “Why do Recruiters only post the “Region” of the Country for opportunities?”

How much “Consulting” do we actually do as consultants?

A candidate recently called me and mentioned that she thought the engagement opportunity sounded more like a temp job than a consulting opportunity. After thinking about it, she might be right, many of our opportunities are like temp staffing placements vs a true consulting… Continue Reading “How much “Consulting” do we actually do as consultants?”

How are Epic Trainers being impacted by Quarterly Upgrades?

There has been a lot of conversation around analysts completing work associated with Epic’s quarterly releases. We are coming up on another release and several clients are still looking at variations of project vs maintenance staffing models to meet their needs. For an analyst,… Continue Reading “How are Epic Trainers being impacted by Quarterly Upgrades?”

J.D. Power Airline Satisfaction Results – United in Dead Last (again)

  The J.D. Power 2019 North America Airline Satisfaction Study was released yesterday. I look forward to seeing these results every year so I can remind myself that my loyalty and decision to exclusively fly Delta continues to be the right choice. The big… Continue Reading “J.D. Power Airline Satisfaction Results – United in Dead Last (again)”

Drug Testing…a Cannabis discussion for Consultants

While I don’t use any cannabis products I have a lot of friends and professional colleagues who do.  I was thinking about the impact to those in our industry of consulting and client policies regarding use and screenings.  There are tons of articles on… Continue Reading “Drug Testing…a Cannabis discussion for Consultants”