FLY – Delays, cancelations, and dealing with it

 As a road warrior, one quickly discovers delays and cancelation are just a part of our routine.  When I first started flying weekly I used to get so upset and angry when my flight was delayed or even worst, canceled.  Over the years, you come to accept these are things beyond your control…but let’s face it, they still get under your skin once and a while.

Today’s delay was a bit unique.  Dealing with Atlanta airport is always a joy.  Considered the busiest airport in the US, be prepared for delays no matter what.  We boarded about 20 minutes late, which is typical really and never truly an issue.  What I did notice is that after the usual 30 minutes or so, I was still talking on the phone.  I had missed the announcement we were being delayed.  After boarding…is always a special treat.  Evidentially the sign on the outside of the plane that tells you where to put gas, had faded off.  I kid you not.  The decal had to be replaced before we could take off.  This took about 90 minutes.  The FAA was walking all around the plane during this time and pretty much everyone including staff thought this was just ridiculous.

I made the rather unwise choice to watch “Why Planes Crash” on msnbc the other night.  A truly upsetting decision that impacted my sleep two nights in a row.  I share this, because I truly believe maintenance delays are for our protection and safety.  Now more than ever, after watching that show.  Decals on the outside of the plane though…ok, that gets me a bit annoying. 

How we deal with these can really make or break your day.  Communication is my first choice.  I call home, work, client, and whoever else may be impacted.  I often post it on Facebook too…I have lots of friends that travel, so we like to talk about these delays and cancelations.  I think it is healthy to talk about it.  Heck, you could sit there and just stew over it.  I’ve seen people scream at the airline staff, turning red with smoke coming out of their ears.  Heck, several years ago I know I was guilty of that a time or two.  The nice thing, is they’ll always get you there…no matter what.  It might not be on your schedule, and it might not be today…but you’ll get there.  Go ahead, talk about it, think about it, and then … laugh about it.

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