Drive – Avis vs National

As a 6 year National Executive Emerald club member, I may be a bit bias in my opinion.  So with that said, I’ll try to keep to the facts rather than stating an opinion.  Although I fully expect in conclusion, my opinion will come across clear as day.  Regardless, let’s take a look at a break down:

Rervations Easy online or call Easy online or call
Changing Reservation Easy Easy, unless same day (have to call)
Car Selection Can pick any car from lot, if Emerald Club (choose any car) Assigned to you, regardless of status
Ease of pick up Go right to isle, get in, drive away Go to booth, look for name on board, find car lot by #
Ease of drop off Scanned receipt right where car dropped, will email receipt available at desk if needed, will email
Free Days 4 rentals = 1 free day (anytime) 3 rentals = 1 free weekend
Avg Price $55 a day $85 a day

3 Comments on “Drive – Avis vs National

  1. I’m not sure why you think you have to go to the desk with Avis. When you drop a car they print out the receipt right there.

    Also a few things you missed about Avis if you are preferred:
    * at many airports the bus drops you at your car.
    * they will *always* email you your receipt
    * if you rent regularly you get moved to Avis Preferred Select at which point they upgrade you automatically for free. This is actually one of the things I don’t like about Avis though – if I reserve an intermediate car I don’t want to be driving around in a massive land yacht.
    * Avis Preferred has a separate desk, booth or line for customer service. So if you DO need to make a change you aren’t waiting for Mabel, who only rents once a year when she’s on vacation, to figure out if she wants insurance and a nav system.


    • See, my preference did come out. Thanks for the additional insight Chris. My experiences with Avis at Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, and Cincinnati do not reflect any of these. But what is truly an interesting point, if you don’t know…ask. I never thought to ask about some of these points. Appreciate it!


  2. Interesting comparison that doesn’t reflect my Avis First experience at all. Let’s take Logan as an example. They drop me at my car. In the winter, the car is already running with the windows scraped and the heat blasting. And Avis First is a free program. My sole experience with National was San Diego where I could pick my own car, but I was restricted to a certain section where only subcompacts remained. And I was Emerald Club at the time. And it may depend on region, but I typically don’t see a price break with National.


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