Sleep – Omni Hotels and GHA Offers Awesome Benefits

I’ve always said I’m a Marriott loyalist.  I go out of my way to stay at Marriott’s no matter what.  The exception is once a month I have to go to Indianapolis, and while there I stay at the Omni Severin and if visiting New Orleans visit the Omni Royal.  I just received my Black status renewal for this year, the highest for the Omni.  When I think about their program compared to say Marriott or Hilton, I was pretty impressed.

I already knew that status was based on nights, only 25 needed to for black.  Every 5 stays earns you one free night.  I’m always upgraded to incredible suites.  Free coffee and juice delivered to my room every morning.  Free pressing of clothes (a really nice perk).  When I checked in last week, I was greeted by a champagne bucket filled with half bottle of wine, water, and a cheese platter that put’s Marriott’s attempt of offering brie to shame.

What I didn’t know, as I read more about my free nights, is that Omni is part of GHA.  Offering me benefits across the globe.  When I travel international, Marriott’s aren’t as easy to find as they are here in the states.  The Omni is linked with hundred of opportunities.  I thought I would share this piece of information from changes announced just 5 months ago.

World’s Largest Alliance of Independent Luxury Hotel Brands Launches Industry-First Guest Loyalty Program

“Today the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands, officially launches GHA Discovery. This is the first ever loyalty program uniting independent luxury hotels across the world.

GHA Discovery recognizes a guest’s loyalty and rewards them according to the number of nights stayed rather than the number of points they have accumulated. The new GHA Discovery program offers experience-based rewards across 12 international hotels brands and nearly 300 hotels globally, turning a business trip or weekend getaway into a one-of-a-kind adventure. In Ireland, The Doyle Collection’s three hotels – The Westbury Hotel, The Croke Park Hotel and The River Lee Hotel – will be offering their GHA Discovery guests unique Irish experiences that reflect Irish culture. The program also provides access to more than 1,000 exceptional Local Experiences – designed by the local hotel employees to provide exclusive access to off-the-beaten path activities around the world.”

Pretty cool stuff.  Read more about this and other offerings throughout Europe and Asia at

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