FLY – Why TripIt ?

Tracking multiple flights can be somewhat cumbersome.  Especially if you fly different airlines, to multiple cities, and multiple clients.  I’ve found TripIt to be a one stop shop for me with many additional helpful features.  Here are just a few.

My favorite is showing me other members who will be nearby.  From a networking view, I find this to be super valuable.  I’ve scheduled countless dinners or lunches with folks just by seeing they will be in the same city at the same time.  I’m sorry to say my screen shot below doesn’t show anyone, but normally it does.  You can also use Tripit to track your points and miles.  Another helpful tool if you stay at multiple hotels or use several airlines.  You can link TripIt to your LinkedIn account, Facebook, or even Twitter.  Most my friends are exhausted by the dozens of travel announcements per week, so think twice before doing Facebook.  LinkedIn, being another professional networking site should certainly be linked.

Track your trips with as much or little detail as you require:

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