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Drive – Should I Fly or Drive?

How many miles are you willing to drive?  Sometimes a 4-6 hour drive is faster than flying.  I just wrapped up a trip to Mobile, Alabama this week for work followed with a weekend in New Orleans.  Originally the trip had me stopping in… Continue Reading “Drive – Should I Fly or Drive?”

FLY – Hurrican Irene, Rescheduling Flights, Hotels, and Client Events

Guess there isn’t anything we can do about it.  My flight was scheduled for Monday morning, well after the storm will pass through Boston.  Delta made the decision to cancel my flight and reschedule me for a Tuesday morning flight.  I guess if you… Continue Reading “FLY – Hurrican Irene, Rescheduling Flights, Hotels, and Client Events”

FLY – 30 minute connections…maybe not at the Detroit Airport

You would think after over 6 years in the air I would have this connection thing down.  I’ve seen the gradual reduction of direct flight options and am almost forced to take connections no matter where I go.  I hate sitting at an airport… Continue Reading “FLY – 30 minute connections…maybe not at the Detroit Airport”

FLY – Why TripIt ?

Tracking multiple flights can be somewhat cumbersome.  Especially if you fly different airlines, to multiple cities, and multiple clients.  I’ve found TripIt to be a one stop shop for me with many additional helpful features.  Here are just a few. My favorite is showing… Continue Reading “FLY – Why TripIt ?”