Drive – Should I Fly or Drive?

How many miles are you willing to drive?  Sometimes a 4-6 hour drive is faster than flying.  I just wrapped up a trip to Mobile, Alabama this week for work followed with a weekend in New Orleans.  Originally the trip had me stopping in Franklin, Mississippi…but Hurricane Irene had different plans for me.  I had made the decision to cut down on flights and drive from New Orleans to Franklin to Mobile and back again, about 12 hours of driving.  With Franklin out of the picture, it was a 4 hour drive each way.

A couple things to keep in mind when deciding… One way car rentals can get really expensive.  If you rent a car in one city and drop off in another, you pay for miles.  If you rent a car and drive 1000 miles but bring it back to the same location, you are not charged miles.  I’ve driven from Madison, WI to Cincinnati, OH.  Same price as an plane ticket, but about 2 hours faster than flying.

I always think about security lines, possible delays, connections, and travel from airport to destination when considering driving.  A 4-5 hour drive, like my drive from Indianapolis to Cleveland last month, makes a lot more sense to me. 

Bring your phone charges and head piece, as it is illegal to talk on a cell phone without a head piece in many states.  Sit back and enjoy the lovely scenery as you drive from LA to Phoenix or Boston to Buffalo…you’ll be happy you are in control of your own departure and arrival times.

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