FLY – Hurrican Irene, Rescheduling Flights, Hotels, and Client Events

Guess there isn’t anything we can do about it.  My flight was scheduled for Monday morning, well after the storm will pass through Boston.  Delta made the decision to cancel my flight and reschedule me for a Tuesday morning flight.  I guess if you were supposed to fly out on Sunday you’ll be pushed back a day as well.  Time to get busy.

If you are traveling like me, it’s time to reschedule everything.  First we’ve got to reschedule hotel reservations.  I like to book the new nights first and then cancel my first reservation, just in case there is an issue with occupancy.  Then I’ll do the same for the car rental.  I’m already looking to see if they will reinstate flights for Monday, to get out earlier if at all possible.

Finally, emails are flying (the only thing flying actually) out to my clients.  I apologize for 80 mile per hour winds is all I can say.  I’m missing meetings on Monday and Tuesday, hopefully we can reschedule.  I also plan to check in with family, they may be concerned.

Buckle down and watch the storm.  Be safe.  Flashlights and candles are all ready to go…

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