EAT – Of all the places in New Orleans, Yo Mama’s! stood out…

Usually all you hear about is the gumbo, oysters, or jambalaya while visiting New Orleans…what about hamburgers?  I don’t care for fried food, and the popular Po’Boys down here are just huge subs filled with fried…anything.  Not my thing.  Fortunate for me, a friend and I ran into Yo Mama’s this week.

A small place with about 4 booths and a long bar.  They have a great beer selection.  I started with Abita Amber, which I totally love while down in the south.  The staff was very pleasant and welcoming.  Not exactly a fancy place, as you’ll find down here in the French Quarter…either they are really high end or really simple.  Dripping ceilings can be expected almost anywhere that doesn’t have a table cloth down.

The menu isn’t huge, the food on the menu is.  Hamburgers topped with everything you can think of…including a peanut butter hamburger.  The burgers are 3/4 pound giants with more toppings then you can put your mouth around.  The side options included side salad, potato salad, fries, baked potato, or Mac-n-cheese.  If you can eat a huge hamburger and a side, I would suggest the baked potato.  They looked wonderful as they passed by.  I tried the Mac-n-cheese, sort of bland.  They also have several other sandwiches to choose from on the menu.

So after spending four days in New Orleans I’m really ready to go home.  A quick stop at Cafe Du Monde for a beignet…oh my, that is a totally different review (and an absolute must if visiting New Orleans).

One Comment on “EAT – Of all the places in New Orleans, Yo Mama’s! stood out…

  1. Doug,

    Can’t wait for the Cafe Du Monde review. One of my favorite places in the world!


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