FLY – Don’t always count on Elite or First Class Lines

We all hate security lines.  I actually teach new hires how to tackle these lines, using the movie “Up in the Air” as a direct reference (if you haven’t seen this movie, rent it now).  One thing that I used to depend on is Elite lines to get through security quickly.  All of a sudden, they seem to be disappearing or closing really early.

Did you know that Reagan closes their first class line at 6pm?  I found that out the hard way yesterday after seeing only a couple people in that line, went to grab a burrito and came back to be told it was closed.  Did you know Orlando doesn’t have a first class or Elite line?  They have CLEAR…about the only airport that does (we’ll discuss that program another time).  How about Seattle…they close their first class line at 8pm.  Boston has Elite but it merges has only one full body scanner so the lines merge.  Cincinnati, this is my favorite, CVG merges their first class line with the line for people with strollers!  I kid you not.  Don’t they know business suites and diapers don’t go well together?  Jeez…the outrage!

There seems to be trend here, airports cater to day time travelers not evening.  So this week’s valuable discovery for me…don’t count on an express entry line to bypass security.  It may or may not be available.

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