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Points points and more points. How to get more!

HIT Impact Study from HIMSS Informatics

Today HIMSS released a report stating an improvement in HIT adoption during an hour webinar.  Seems rather low doesn’t it?  It’ll probably come to no surprise to see the other low scores from clinicians regarding value of HIT from workflows, communication, and reporting perspectives.… Continue Reading “HIT Impact Study from HIMSS Informatics”

My Top 5 List of Great Travel Blogs – I found several articles on how to use points to book upgrades on international flights, dozens of ongoing discussions on every airline I’ve ever heard of, and much more.  He does a weekly review called Destination of the Week.  The site is… Continue Reading “My Top 5 List of Great Travel Blogs”

Points – Do you take the welcome amentity or points when checking in?

It’s a hard choice sometimes, especially after a long day of travel.  The real question should be, “what do I get?”  I mean why can’t we ask that??  Some hotels give you huge wonderful trays of cheeses and crackers with wine.  Others give you… Continue Reading “Points – Do you take the welcome amentity or points when checking in?”

POINTS – It’s time to select your Delta 2012 Medallion Choice Benefit

If you’ve earned Platinum or Diamond Medallion® status for 2012, it is that time of year again.  Time to select your choice benefit. Delta offers four different selections for Medallion Choice Benefits.  Platinum members get to select one, while Diamond get to select two.   You will… Continue Reading “POINTS – It’s time to select your Delta 2012 Medallion Choice Benefit”

FLY – Why TripIt ?

Tracking multiple flights can be somewhat cumbersome.  Especially if you fly different airlines, to multiple cities, and multiple clients.  I’ve found TripIt to be a one stop shop for me with many additional helpful features.  Here are just a few. My favorite is showing… Continue Reading “FLY – Why TripIt ?”

Points – Promotion Notice for Marriott

Be sure to check out Marriott’s summer promotion.  Stay 20 nights through Sept. 1st and receive 35,000 points….stay 25 nights and receive an extra 15,000 points.  This is not the VISA promotion, just nights stayed.  Nights at any Marriott hotel count (Courtyard, Residence, etc). … Continue Reading “Points – Promotion Notice for Marriott”