Points – Do you take the welcome amentity or points when checking in?

It’s a hard choice sometimes, especially after a long day of travel.  The real question should be, “what do I get?”  I mean why can’t we ask that??  Some hotels give you huge wonderful trays of cheeses and crackers with wine.  Others give you a tiny sliver of brie with 6 crackers and a water.  I mean how do you really decide?

Take a look at the pictures to the side here.  The first picture looks really nice, lot’s of cheeses and fruits with nice bottle (1/2) of wine.  Can you guess the hotel? Hotel – Marriott

The 2nd picture is probably the most disappointing tray I’ve ever received at this hotel.  The cheese was nasty, and it came with soggy toast points, 1 bottle of beer, and 1 bottle of water.  Yuck!  Hotel – Omni

This third picture is looks wonderful.  Variations of cheeses, full pastries, and other goodies.  Now this I would give up my 500 points for.  Can’t see it, but there is a bottle of wine behind there.  Hotel – Sharaton


This 4th picture makes me laugh.  I was at a full service Marriott in San Diego by Qualcomm stadium (yes, during the power outage).  They gave me an entire pack of brie cheese (unwrapped in the box) with an apple and banana.  The bottle of wine was so small, why bother with two glasses?  Sad tray, and seriously…what am I going to do with a whole box of brie?  Hotel – Marriott

This one looks like someones left overs.  Did they run out of cheese and nuts?  Just sad really, I’ll take the points please!!  What is strange is this same hotel gave me a 6 pack once with a great tray, during Mardi Gras.  I guess other times of the year cheese is scarce.  Hotel – Omni

Have other pics?  Send them in and I’ll post!

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