Sleep – Starwood Allows Guests to Write Hotel Reviews Directly on Web Site

Starwood Hotels & Resorts will launch on Monday a first-ever online review function that allows its customers to make unbiased comments about its hotels and service directly on its web site.

The new program follows a recent survey taken among Starwood preferred guests, which includes many business travels, in which 85% said they find value in consumer ratings and reviews on travel sites.

One Comment on “Sleep – Starwood Allows Guests to Write Hotel Reviews Directly on Web Site

  1. We just returned from a one week stay in Bali, stayed at the W resort, it was the hype this
    year as its the new resort there..
    We took the second most expensive villa in the resort, the 2 bed room villa (Villa no 15) which cost us 2100/= usd
    per night only to realize we were sleeping with RATS in the room

    one would think a BRAND LIKE W would be able to control rodents in their resort, APPARENTLY NOT !!
    on our second night at the resort while we were asleep i heard some noise in the room and i turned out the lights
    to see a rat running around in our room, we got out of the room and went to sleep in the other room and next
    morning complained to the manager, they said they will get the villa fumigated and gave us complimentary spa
    treatments and free soft toy for our son… we were not very happy but we came in a group and thought it would
    not be nice to just leave the resort, and they assured us that the problem was taken care of, so we decided the stay..

    then, our 1 and a half year old son broke out into allergies all over his face, his eyes and ears swollen up, which
    was very upsetting and dampened the whole holiday spirit… we couldn’t understand what was going on..
    on the last day when we were packing our clothes we saw the rats had eaten through our clothes and we
    have holes in our clothes
    so we take one top and show the manager and all she says is sorry and she will comp one night… that seems to
    be their solution for everything.. either spa treatment free or one night free… we then realized that rats we
    all over our clothes, including our son and thats the reason he’s got this allergy on his face and had to rush
    him to the doctor as soon as we got back home

    when we spoke to the lady and told her that you assured us the problem was taken care of but apparently not,
    then she’s saying what guarantee we have that the problem wasn’t solved and that the rat/rats didn’t eat ur
    clothes before they fumigated our villa, what took us aback was that she actually thought she’s in a position
    to be cheeky and answer this way and not take the problem seriously, but to shut us up she can offer one night
    free stay at the expense of hygiene and our sons health

    despite this terrible ordeal, we complained so much about the service, which was so slow and horrible, our
    in room dining plates wouldn’t get cleared for 2 days till we would keep calling them to clear, they wouldn’t do
    turn down service in our villa half the time..
    most of the time simple items like yoghurt would be out of stock in room service…
    our friends would have certain items in their villa and it would be missing in ours and vice versa, when we all were
    paying the same price..


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