My Top 5 List of Great Travel Blogs – I found several articles on how to use points to book upgrades on international flights, dozens of ongoing discussions on every airline I’ve ever heard of, and much more.  He does a weekly review called Destination of the Week.  The site is very user friendly and a great read. – Many more tips and articles on casual travel (Best Places to Ride Roller coasters), but tons of destinations listed.  If you want tips on a city you are visiting, this is the place to go.  Great section on Travel planning.  He is – Here is a really fun blog.  Go right to the Travel News tab for latest updates on mergers, policy changes, and important operational changes that impact us all.  Fun stuff on this blog around travel style and travel deals.  Multiple contributors to this site. – Well, want to create a travel blog?  Here is your place.  Organized by continent with interactive maps to select your area of interest…and then you’ll be provided thousands of links to blogs on that specific area.  Great photo collections for almost anywhere.  It looks like some countries are “under development,” but most are filled with great information. – I read an article a few months ago about differences in business class seats from various airlines.  It prompted my write up on seats in coach by airline.  There are a dozen or so contributors on this site with their own blog spin off, my favorite is One Mile at a Time.

Although all five of these have corporate sponsors, they don’t dance around subject matter we care about.  They are all a little centered around Delta…sorry, that is my airline, but there is tons of information on other airlines and hotels.  Enjoy…

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