Avis finally introduces “Select and Go” – A Huge Improvement on Car Rentals

Beginning June 7, 2012 Avis is launching
Avis Preferred Select & Go––a new service that puts you in control. Select & Go will be available at 50 airport locations in the United States and Canada by the end of 2012.

NEW Avis Preferred Select & Go
Select & Go gives you the freedom to select the vehicle that’s right for you and your trip. We will continue to pre-assign your vehicle based on your preferences, and now you’ll have three options when you reserve an intermediate or larger vehicle:

1. Keep: Check your email* or the Preferred board for your pre-assigned vehicle. If you’re happy with it, drive to the Exit Booth as usual.

2. Exchange: If your vehicle isn’t exactly what you want, select a different one from our Select & Go Exchange area at no extra charge.

3. Upgrade: Choose from our Select & Go Upgrade area—including Cool Cars, specialty vehicles, SUVs and more—for an additional daily charge.**

New Faster Service
Because your time is valuable, your Rental Agreement will no longer be in your vehicle. Simply drive your selected vehicle to the Exit Booth where an Avis representative will get you on your way quickly and easily––no additional paperwork required!

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