What do you watch in your hotel room while on the road?

Sitting in your hotel room scanning the day’s receipts, reading email messages, catching up on Facebook, and watching bad TV is a ritual we all endure while on the road.  Over the years I’ve discovered programming on strange addictions, elaborate cup cake contests, and the history of skateboarding.  All riveting material I know.  But there actually is some late night television worth checking out. Here are my top channel searches:

Food Network – It’s not all about cupcakes, in fact there are some great shows on this network worth staying up an extra hour to watch.  “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” is a great show for the traveling consultant!  Host Guy Fieri can be a bit obnoxious, but he finds all these great places to eat all over the country.  Hey, we are traveling here.  I’ve gone to several of the places he has shown on his show including The Duluth Grill.  “Restaurant Impossible” is another great one to watch as they travel over the country finding establishments in big trouble.  A makeover show for sure, but it’s great to see how businesses can bounce back.  A couple shows to avoid, “Sweet Genius” is absolutely stupid and Iron Chef America is on my nerves about cooking a dish with starfish, oak bark, and black licorice.  Don’t bother with either of these.

Discovery Channel – “Deadliest Catch” is an eye opener every week and the networks most successful show.  It’s drama at seas for sure, but a lot of fun.  I also really enjoy “Storm Chasers,” especially when I’m in parts of the country where they actually get tornados, hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters.  “Final Offer” is the best antiques show out there, especially if you are into buying for investment.  I always learn a ton of history and where to find things.  Antique Roadshow puts me to sleep in comparison to this fun show.

Travel Channel – Finally a show about hotel management issues!  “Hotel Impossible” is awesome.  I know, I already suggested Restaurant Impossible, obviously the two channels have the same producers.  It’s the only show I know of that tackles hotels in management crisis.  “Man v. Food” is a twist on finding great places to eat with over indulging in who can eat the most contests.  It’s not exactly the smartest show ever, but they always go to great places across the country.

HBO– If you haven’t watched any of these shows, watch one episode and you’ll be hooked; “Games of Thrones,” “VEEP,” “Girls,” “True Blood,” and “Boardwalk Empire” are all award winning fantastic shows.  You don’t need to know all the character stories to catch up with maybe the exception of Games of Thrones…but it’s so good, you’ll rush home to watch the rest on demand.

One more place to go if you can’t find anything…Netflix.  With the ability to download thousands of movies and tv shows, it is so worth the $12 a month.  I lean towards movies on my iPad 2 or laptop when going to this option.  I just watched “Midnight in Paris,” “Hugo,” and “The Crazies” this week alone.

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