Good reasons for doing nothing…

My boss sent this to his entire team this morning, and it hit home.  I wanted to share as I’m sure everyone has felt a need to always be doing something.  I especially like the overall suggestion to “take time” before taking action.

Have you ever felt you had to “do something” but you had no idea what to do? Maybe you thought doing nothing would make you look stupid or indecisive. The truth is doing nothing is a choice, and sometimes it is a very wise choice. Good reasons for doing nothing include:

  • Waiting for more information
  • Taking time to calm down so you can think clearly
  • Giving the other parties involved in the item under review time to calm down
  • Taking time to think through the issue carefully, maybe sleeping on it
  • Giving others time to think through things
  • Getting advice from others

Realize that waiting is a valid choice much of the time, and if it is not included in your options, you are dealing with a false choice. Happy is he/she who does not rush to make a choice before the proper time.

One piece I would add, is knowing when to cut yourself off.  It is so easy to find yourself working in the hotel room until the early hours of the morning.  No one will be impressed if you are sending emails at 2am.  In fact, I’ve actually received responses asking why I’m sending emails so late.  Taking time to relax, sleep, and not think about work are key to a successful work life balance.

Ok…now get back to work!  🙂

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