FLY – Save yourself the trouble during the holidays, work remote!

There is no question that holiday travel can be tedious, expensive, and chaotic .  Starting next week, expect the volume at airports to increase significantly and airfare to increase as well.  I just purchased a ticket from Boston to Cincinnati for the week before Christmas for $600.  A direct 90 minutes flight that usually is around $275-$300.  Imagine the money you’ll save your client by simply working remote.

Ask your client about working remote now and communicate those airfare prices.  Thanksgiving is usually a no brainer for working remote.  No one wants to fly out on Sunday night and return Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  Not to mention, you’ll spend more time traveling then doing work.  From a productivity point of view alone, remote during this week makes sense.  I don’t take PTO, simply because what am I going to do during that week, go shopping?  Get at 4am to get the deal of the day at Wal-Mart?  I don’t think so.

Now Christmas will be tricky this year.  Both Christmas and New Years land on Sundays, giving most people the 26th and January 2nd off.  Looking at the calendar, it looks simple to work on site Monday January 19th – 22nd with no problem.  The only issue will be, everyone will be trying to get home that Thursday.  So if you do this, give yourself tons of extra time for airport security.  The next week your could ask your client if you could work Tuesday – Friday (27th – 30th)….but do you have to?  This is the week I would suggest remote work for sure.   Finally, the week of New Years, we will all have to deal with a Tuesday – Friday travel schedule most likely (Jan. 3rd – 6th).  Expect massive lines at the airport that Tuesday morning.  Even though Jan. 2nd is a holiday, I would suggest mid day flights.

It’s a love hate relationship with this time of year.  Just remember, remote work can save your clients lots of money and you lots of headaches.

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