New Year’s Resolution

I always thought I wanted to be an actor when I was growing up.  I was in every school play, community theatre, went to college at one of the top acting schools, had my 5 minutes of fame, and even got a few pay checks for doing it.  But in the end, I ended up getting a degree in Speech and going into Health Care IT.  It’s so interesting how things happen.  As we start a new year, I find myself introspective on why things happen, and what I should focus on this year.

I just finished watching Larry Crown, and a light bulb went off.  It’s about a guy who worked at Target, loved his job more than anything, and was really good at his job.  He ends up getting fired because of his lack of education.  He decides to go to a local community college and learns so much, and not just in the classroom.  He surrounds himself with people who care about him.  The young girl who helps him dress right, the friend who gives him a job, the neighbors who help him through change, and a teacher who awakens him both in thought and heart.  An inspiring movie to watch at this time of New Year’s resolutions and looking ahead to 2012.

Regardless of whether you plan for a or b…you really don’t have much control at what will happen to you.  It’s how you handle and receive what happens to you that can make or break you.  My new year resolution is to strive to be a better listener.  I’m know I’m always eager to talk…but not always the best at listening.  My friends tell me all the time.  It’s a tall order for the actor in me, but a reasonable goal for the friend in me.

Regardless of what you resolution is for 2012, I wish all of you a happy, healthy, successful New Year! – Doug

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