No one is at the office…what am I supposed to do this week?

I love this time of year.  People take extended vacations during the holidays, leaving the parking lot full of spaces, the elevator at my disposal, and an empty office.  My phone doesn’t ring for hours at a time, and I don’t have any staff meetings on my calendar.  What am I supposed to do with myself?  Well, here are some ideas…

I’ve been putting off cleaning out my inbox for months.  I get a reminder every day that my mailbox is full.  What a great time to take a couple hours and clean up my inbox, sent folders, and junk mail.  I’m also creating some rules that will automatically take incoming mail and assign them to their appropriate folder…something I’ve been meaning to get to forever.

My desktop has over 50 documents that need to be filed in their appropriate folder, that will kill several hours and really needs to be done.  I need to create a better filing system for documents, so I can find them quickly and efficiently.  I probably have a lot of duplicate files on my laptop, so I think I’ll clean that up.

I know I have a big presentation I have to give in a few weeks, I’m going to get that started now with minimal interruption.  Not to mention it’s the end of the year, so I know I’ll be asked to provide all kinds of 2011 summaries…I’m getting a big head start on that as well.

Finally, my desk looks like a dump truck blew up on it.  Do I really need 87 pens and 44 pencils in that huge cup?  I think it’s time to create a more conducive workspace.  I’ve got paper work piled on my desk from last March!  I think I’ll go get a trash bag…

Happy New Year everyone!

One Comment on “No one is at the office…what am I supposed to do this week?

  1. Great tips Doug as always! Now that I have completed this “to do list” early I will reward myself by visiting my in-laws in sunny Southern California for the next 7 days and 6 nights…

    I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Happy New Year!

    Best of Sucess.



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