Holidays – Do I decorate even if I’m going to be traveling the entire month of December?

Every year I go through the difficult decision of how much to decorate the house.  I’ve gone years with limiting myself to only the tree because I’m on the road so much.  I start thinking….Who is it for?  If you have kids, you have no choice…but you also have man power to help you.  The question really is…do I even bother if I’m not going to be home?

Looking ahead at my schedule for December I realized I won’t be home hardly at all.  Dec. 1st – 3rd I’m in Indianapolis, 5th – 8th in Albuquerque, Dec. 12th – 15th in Cincinnati, OH, and 19th – 22nd in Santa Clara, CA.  I go to Syracuse to see family…so that’s Dec. 23rd – Dec. 27th and finally Cape Cod for New Years Dec. 30th – Jan. 1st.  That means I will only be home 8 days in December.

This isn’t the first year that I had to make this difficult decision.  I love the holidays, and I normally decorate so much I put Macy’s Santa Village to shame!  But in the past I’ve done the Monday – Thursday travel and enjoyed the festive ambiance of my home on the weekends.  Plus I always worked remote the last week, so I got a full week of smelling the pine.  Not this year.

I think a compromise is in order this year.  I won’t settle for nothing…so no Dept. 56 village, train set, or unnecessary items.  I will do my tree (in all Waterford and Swarovski again) with white lights and a few pieces here and there.  I better get on it today…

One Comment on “Holidays – Do I decorate even if I’m going to be traveling the entire month of December?

  1. I struggle with the same decision. I have a hubby at home but I also have cats and dogs who like to tear down what I put so and so I have to add that equation into the mix as well! I think I may follow your path this year. 🙂


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