Holidays – I’m hosting Thanksgiving and questioning my choice to use plastic…

The last several years I’ve had the honor of hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  My partner does all the cooking and I’m responsible for set up and break down.  I came across this really nice (and expensive) plastic plates and silverware set at BJ’s the other day.  I was thinking, maybe I’ll use plastic!

Now, I have a  beautiful table with William Sonoma table cloth and napkins.  Awesome candles, Lenox salt and pepper shakers, and an incredible center piece.  So I was thinking using plastic would take away from the ambiance.  However, I don’t have a set of 12 matching plates or silverware.  So I would have to invest a lot of money in buying a new set.  From a cleanup perspective, plastic would save a ton of time too.  It’s almost like I’m talking myself into it as I write this.

I think as long as the food is good, the family is relaxing, and everyone has a full belly…who cares what you eat on!  Right?

Regardless of whether you are hosting or traveling (hopefully none of you are traveling for work), I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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