Holidays – The Office Pot Luck…do I have to participate?

It’s the time of year where our clients will often have pot luck lunches as a way to celebrate the holidays.  As a traveling consultant, I don’t have the resources to bake a cake or make Mom’s famous meatballs.  So the question is, if I don’t have anything to bring…do I have to participate?  Yes, you do.

Like it or not, you really do have to make an appearence and bring something.  I usually volunteer to bring the drinks, a few bottles of 2 liter sodas is easy to pick up.  What about paper plates and utensils, also pretty easy to pick up.  Not too hard to find a local bakery to bring cookies or cupcakes either.  Just because you don’t have a kitchen to cook, doesn’t mean you can’t bring something.  And don’t expense what you bring, that is just tacky.

Office parties are a great way to network with full time employees, your project manager, and other consultants.  So although you may feel like you are not part of the team being a consultant, if you were invited…they think you are part of the team.  Not showing up would be considered rude and might generate a negative reaction from your colleagues.  Take a few minutes the night before and stop at the grocery store.  Be creative and show up with your holiday smile.

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