Holidays – Buying gifts at the airport…not a bad idea

We all pass them every week, the little stores in the airport showcasing local city T-shirts and “stuff.”  I can’t remember the last time I actually went into one, other than to get a bottle of water.  So, the other day I went into one of the stores and looked at all the shirts, hats, and junk that said Indiana on it.  What one of my nephews really wants an Indianapolis Colts sweatshirt?  They haven’t won a game all season!  But then I noticed, there are actually some really nice stores in here as well.

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Salt Lake, Detroit…all have really great stores.  I usually just run to the Delta lounge and pay them no mind.  This got me thinking, “hey, I’ve got several more flights.  I could pick up a gift or two each time I’m at the airport.”  Let’s face it, the Barnes and Nobles at the airport is way more convenient than driving to the mall.  Plus the clothing stores are really nice.  I just got my father a great shirt at the PGA Tour Shop.  I don’t remember seeing one of those at the mall.

With names like Brighton, Brooks Brothers, Erwin Pearl, and Godiva…you really can get some great shopping done.  No tacky Cincinnati coffee mugs, but certainly a great handbag from Brighton for my niece.  Certainly not buying a cheese head in Madison for my brother in law, but he’ll love this box of chocolate covered pretzels.  Who says you have to go tacky?

Now finally, there is one little logistical thing about doing this…getting the stuff home.  I don’t ever check luggage, so I always have a carry on and personal bag/backpack.  So another words, anything I buy has to fit into one of these bags.  Keep that in mind.  You don’t want to have 4 shopping bags and a carry on when trying to board the plane.  Small simple items that can squeeze into your purse or briefcase are perfect.  After a few weeks of travel, you’ll have 1/2 your shopping done and be ready to start gift wrapping.

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