Great Article Found Today on Ten Things you should know about airline safety

I thought nothing could bother me while flying.  I mean I’ve had to circle around an airport to go through all the fuel because the flaps failed and we had to depend just on breaks.  That was in Buffalo, NY…where I was born.  I figured that is where I would die as well.  But I walked away.  I’ve landed when the pilot missed the run way.  Thank goodness for sand. We probably all have so many stories of bumpy rides and on board passenger drama.  It doesn’t matter what airline…although I still say US Scare instead of US Air. I probably shouldn’t say that, since they seem very effective at landing on rivers.  My flight this week to New Mexico was the bumpiest ride I’ve ever experienced.  I mean the kind where you stomach jumps into your throat as the plane drops a hundred feet in 3 seconds.  I walked away, so all is good.

Take a look at this article I just read.  Simple facts, but a must for anyone with weak knees when boarding.

Article link at:


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