The Omni Parker House…lots of history, but way over priced!

I had an opportunity to stay at the famous luxury Omni Parker House in Boston this past weekend.  I had accumulated many free nights from all my stays at the Omni in Indianapolis, so I put my parents up as well.  For years I’ve always put them up at the Marriott Waterfront or Marriott Copley.  Let’s put it this way, we’ll be going back to the Marriott.

The hotel is in a terrible section of town on School Street and Tremont, directly across from the Boston Common.  Traffic is non-stop 24/7… and then put the circus tent on the other side of the street to add huge foot traffic.  Our arrival was rather erupt as the with door men were grabbing bags and practically pushing my parents out of the car.  There is no place to pull over, not even an indent in the sidewalk.  Rushed through the doors to be greeted by stairs, a challenge for my mom…with no alternate unless you walk around the building.

The rooms were nice, but small.  Comfortable king bed, but it took up 70% of the room.  Bathrooms were way too small with no counter space and old fashioned tubs.  We did receive our nice welcome gift of cheese, fruit, cracker, and  a bucket of Sam Adams.  I drank the beer!

Our first evening we ate at the Parker House.  Very high end old school restaurant where we were quickly told it was an hour wait.  The place was totally empty.  As soon as we sat at the bar, a table mysteriously became available.  The rest of the tables remained empty for the next two hours of our stay.  Why do places do that?  Anyway, complaints all around on the food.  Steak and lobster was cold, waitress rang in my order incorrectly (I ordered 2 lb lobster, got lobster risotto) and the “famous” Boston Cream pie…was terrible.  All this for the bargain price of $400.

I can’t stop without a few positive things.  The Omni is directly across from the cemetery where John Adams is buried, so that was cool.  We were an easy walk to Faneuil Hall and the North End.  The lobby of the hotel is really neat, with original chandeliers and fixtures.  The bar in the lobby, The Last Hurrah, was a lot of fun with great service.

I looked at rates to see what we would have paid…don’t ask!  I would not have paid, let’s just put it that way.  Travelers beware, if you like old historic hotels…stay and the Lenox on Boylston Street.  If you like rooms with a view, stay at any of the Marriott hotels or International in Rowes Wharf.  And if you are looking for a cheap night, stay at the Buckminster in Kenmore Square.

One Comment on “The Omni Parker House…lots of history, but way over priced!

  1. Loved the commentary! Witty and fun to read. But, I will also take it to heart. I do love old, historic hotels and will avoid this one when in Boston.


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