Forgetting to pack essentials

Have you ever had to ask yourself; “Can I go into this meeting without socks, belt, undershirt, or other essentials?”  Never a good position to be in while on the road.  You would think packing every week would be so habitual you would never forget a thing.  Well what happens when you forget something big…like socks?!  I’ll tell you, having had this just happen to me, you wear whatever your have with you.

White socks were all I had with me this trip.  I considered going barefoot…but thought that looked even more ridiculous.  You become so self conscience throughout the day.  “Everyone is just steering at my feet…I know it!!”  Not the case at all.

At the end of the day, pondering my hideous outfit, I realized no one noticed at all.  My colleague that I attended the meetings with me would certainly have said something if he noticed.

A couple suggestions if you forget essentials:

  • Department stores generally don’t open until 11am, but grocery stores and drug stores open earlier and often times have some clothing items.
  • Ask your hotel front desk.  They have lost and found items including chargers, belts, ties, and other items that can come in handy. DO NOT TAKE SOCKS!  LOL
  • Call your travel companion…most people over pack, so they may have something you can borrow.
  • Don’t draw attention to it.  Focus on what you are there to do instead of convincing yourself everyone notices.

My favorite was when someone I was working with realized they were wearing two different shoes, brown and a black.   They weren’t even the same style.  We all laughed and went on with our day.  It wasn’t that big of a deal.

2 Comments on “Forgetting to pack essentials

  1. I’ve done the 2 different shoes thing myself! Happens when you dress in low light (I’m not a morning person!). My shoes were both the same type, but different colors! It does make you self-conscious, but nobody will notice unless you bring it up.


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