Expect long lines at your airport – Spring Break

Spring_Break_logoThat wonderful time of year when college kids take over the airports is upon us.  Obvious destinations within the US including ORL, MIA, LAX, and LAS will especially see an impact to security lines.  Be prepared and arrive early.  Watch out for those kids who somehow were able to get a hold of alcohol.  Expect long delays in security for those who travel but once a year and don’t know the rules.

A couple tricks:

Don’t have TSA pre-check?  Go in that line anyway.  Especially in Orlando where they don’t have a first class or status line (they have a “professional travel” line that everyone uses).  Even if you are not cleared for pre-check, they’ll just put you in line right there…cutting off about 75% of the people.  Terrible I know, but so worth making a few people mad.

Spend the extra $20 for a preferred seat.  Get to the front of the line with United, US Air, American, and Jet Blue by purchasing a coach upgrade.  You’ll get a couple extra inches of leg room, but best of all…you’ll get to use the status line for security.  Jet Blue has a special quick security line for those who spend the extra $20.

Do not check luggage!  If you can limit yourself for one week, this would be the week to do it.

Good luck!  I myself am heading to Vegas on Thursday.  Thinking that won’t be too bad.  But the return trip on Sunday is going to be terrible.  Thank goodness for TSA pre-check!

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