FAA sequestration…expect delays


It appears we are in for some more flight delays across the country.  The reduction in staffing is creating a significant slow down in planes being able to get off the gate, but not nearly as bad as originally predicted.  Most airlines are sending emails to their passengers suggesting you give yourself more time for security and check your flight status.  Today I received letters from both Delta and Jet Blue.

Here is the breakdown released Friday, According to the Associated Press:

In the most extreme case, the furloughs could delay flights up to 210 minutes at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, depending upon the time of day and other factors. The FAA said, however, that the average delay will be far less, about 11 minutes.

Other airports for which officials provided delay estimates include Newark, N.J., with maximum delays of 51 minutes and average delays of about 20 minutes; John F. Kennedy in New York, with maximum delays of 50 minutes and average 12 minutes; LaGuardia in New York, with maximum delays of 80 minutes and average 30 minutes; Los Angeles International, with maximum delays of 67 minutes, and average 10 minutes, and Chicago’s O’Hare, with maximum delays of 132 minutes, average 50 minutes.

One Comment on “FAA sequestration…expect delays

  1. it alreadt started. marcie was delayed 3.5 hours last night on her flight to LAX.


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