Airport Body Scanners Starting to be Replaced…travelers comments

Security official demonstrates full body scanner during  photocall at Hamburg AirportLast month TSA reported their plans to replace the current body scanners, due to concerns of patient privacy rights.  Evidently the current machines show semi-nude images with rather inappropriate clear views of genitals.  There are also studies that suggest that frequent flyers are at risk of radiation exposure.  So, finally…the machines are being replaced with ones that will supposedly provide only a generic outline of the passengers…”parts.”

Thought I would share some of the best TSA customer complaints in regards to the body scanners…some of these are funny.

  1. “No to scanners. You want to see my junk? Fine. But first buy me a drink.”
  2. “You’re really asking us if we want you to be checking out our genitals in the name of national security?”
  3. “I opted out once and I felt like crying because I’m not a touchy feel person and well, when you are using feminine hygiene products, NO ONE wants to be touched anywhere near there…”
  4. “Bunch of perverts! You are slowing down our economy.”
  5. “I spent over 36 years on active duty in the United States Navy. Had numerous very high security clearances and was a qualified Nuclear Weapons delivery pilot. Being ‘frisked’ or forced into an X-ray machine and treated as a common criminal [is] disgusting to someone who dedicated a large portion of his life to the defense of the united States.”
  6. “I love the new body scan system. I have two artificial knee replacements, and was always put in the uncomfortable position of having to step out of line for an intrusive pat-down. Now, I stand in the machine like everyone else, and I guess they see the artificial knees and I go right through. I’m as happy as can be!”

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