Consider Tuesday – Friday travel for client savings and airport relief

planeYesterday, USA Today reported an all time high on air travel for summer months since 2003.  Those of us who typically depart for clients on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings are seeing the increases already.  Average tickets prices for flights less than 2 hours are ranging $186, and increase of 12% from March.  Flights departing on Tuesday’s and Friday’s are averaging at $144.  This is a huge savings for the client not to mention the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Upgrades on Monday’s is practically impossible unless you are in the 125K+ club, regardless of airline.  Departing Tuesday morning, you’ll see little to any competition from professional travelers.  Not to mention reduction in security lines and easy boarding.  Return flights on Friday evenings is typically 1/3 the volume of traffic compared to Thursday’s at airport including LAX, DET, ATL, CHI, BOS, JFK, and SEA.  Obviously if you are in ORL, MSY, or LAS…the airport will be a bit busier on Fridays..but you’ll still see a significant savings.

With more clients rolling in expenses with hourly rates, consultants are being limited to airlines and travel schedules.  Flexibility in your on site days could open up options for direct flights and even your preferred airline.  Check with your client to see if Tuesday – Friday work week would work for them, you’ll both see some great benefits.  I especially prefer this schedule during the summer…I hate losing my Sundays.

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