Delta and Virgin Atlantic Announced Partnership, little to no benefits for Delta flyers

DL_VS_StackedThe announcement this week that Delta and Virgin Atlantic are now partners is deceiving in its message at best.  Like Delta’s partnership with Alaska Airlines, this “partnership” really only opens Delta flyers up to earning miles, using miles, and priority boarding (well sort of).  In regards to miles, you’ll only earn miles flown with no double miles for Diamond or Platinum members.   To use miles, only a set number of seats will be available for Delta flyers to purchase award seats, as it is with Alaska Airlines.  Finally, priority boarding is after Virgin Atlantic elite members board, so really no big plus there.

I may have been an bit more excited if the announcement was for Virgin America.  Out of Boston I would have direct flight options to LAX, LAS, SAN, and SEA.  The Virgin Atlantic partnership will benefit those flying from NY to London.  Let’s face it, nothing that any of us will really benefit from.  Thanks for nothing Delta.

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