What Happened to Thanksgiving being the busiest Travel Week?

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Having the opportunity to travel to a client the week of Thanksgiving, I worked myself all up to be in for endless lines of families with luggage the size of my car, delays, and miserable people everywhere.  I mean traditionally, I’ve always found Thanksgiving week impacts everything from traffic, to restaurants, to security…and well, pretty much anything to do with traveling.  Then there’s Black Friday which alone rises images of mothers fighting over Cabbage Patch kids (…I may be dating myself there).  My question here is what happened?  Perhaps my fears were based on the the stories you read about or see on the news. I know they always show those famous airport shots of millions of people.  Not the case this year.

Let me share my travel experience with you.  When I arrived at the airport the Sunday before Thanksgiving at 12 noon, it was empty.  I parked my car on the first floor right in front of the door. There was not a single person in the TSA pre line.  I had a quick lunch at Legal Seafood where I counted maybe 10 people in the entire place.  I was upgraded to first class 5 days before and noticed a lot of empty seats on the plane.  This all made me wonder, are my fears unwarranted?

My return flight was Tuesday evening from St. Louis to Detroit to Boston.  I was sure that I would run into giant crowds and delays on this trip home.  Surprisingly relatively normal mid-week volume, minus the business suits.  I landed at 1am in Boston and noticed a lot of cars waiting to pick up passengers, but it didn’t create any slowdown for me.  In fact I was out of there in record time.

I have to say, my travel experience was so pleasantly surprising.  I wish every week of travel was like this. As for Thanksgiving, it was a total success…and I personally avoided going anywhere on Black Friday, so I may have dodged a flying doll or two by staying away.  🙂

What about everyone else?  How was your Thanksgiving travel this year? Leave your comments below.

One Comment on “What Happened to Thanksgiving being the busiest Travel Week?

  1. Hi Doug, I do enjoy your blog.

    Fortunately, I am still without a contract so I did not have to go anywhere near an airport Thanksgiving week! I admit, your experience really was unique. I was able to spend my weekending designing and creating a quilt for a family member. I needed to do it while I could because I know that another contract will appear after the new year and I won’t be able to quilt until the next break.

    College is continuing well. I have completed my last “required” class and am now working on my capstone. Fortunately, in my last class, I was able to design a new training process for training providers which Epic may not agree with but we need to improve the way providers are being trained. Somewhere, there will be a hospital willing to do it right or work to incorporate the new Inpatient PEP results when improving provider skills.

    Glad you had a “successful” Thanksgiving. I look forward to reading your next blog.

    Linda Nussear



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