Does this drive anyone else crazy??


After years of being handed two sets of keys that are bonded together, I finally inquired at National by simply asking…WHY?? The answer still has me dumbfounded.  The attendant stated, “All cars have two sets of keys and we need to keep them together.”  That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!! What if I lose these??  Now you have no keys!  I didn’t want to argue, so I just walked away.  Does anyone else think this is just silly and drive you crazy as me?

I don’t carry a bag or briefcase to most my client meetings, so these big bulky things usually have to go in my pocket everywhere I go.  This weeks gems are 3.5″x2″ each with a warning tag and a large metal wire key ring.  Very uncomfortable in my suite pants, too big to go in my suit jacket, and awkward to put on table with my phone and notebook.  I know my female colleagues are laughing at me, but they all have a purse or bag, so it’s not the same.  I know this isn’t earth shattering stuff here folks…just need to know I’m not alone out here.

Been handed these monstrosities before?  Share your comments below.

5 Comments on “Does this drive anyone else crazy??

  1. So true!! Even though as a woman I had a bag to carry them. This seems completely redundant. Why wouldn’t they devise a system to store and track the extra keys in case of emergency. Makes no sense!!


  2. I agree with you that carrying two keys around is a big pain. I can tell you why this is a standard practice. Car rental companies have thousands of cars. Let’s say you rent a car to drive from Boston to Las Vegas. Chances are, that particular car will never be in Boston again. If they were to keep one set in Boston and send one set off to Las Vegas with the car and the car never comes back to Boston. when they eventually sell the car, then they would have to track down the other key. They keep the two keys together with the car so they don’t have this problem . Maybe, in the hopefully near future they will just have digital keys that they can program into your phone and it will be your key and then you don’t have any big bulky thing to carry around.


  3. It drives me nuts too. I asked a National rep one time why they did this and got the same answer Mike posted – they don’t want the spare set in another city. Wish I could find the photo of my most “memorable” set of keys, all lashed together with a plastic-coated steel cable – 2 bulky key fobs, a plastic ID tag, a paper local tag, 3 extra keychain rings, and 1 or 2 spare keys to who knows what. I actually weighed it on a postage scale – one-third of a pound. Hey National, there are these things called computers used to track inventory (like spare keys). Big customer satisfaction win now that Avis too allows us to pick our car from the lot. Maybe the next company giveaway can be a key carabiner for our belts! Safe travels, all.


  4. I was on a contract and had to share a car with a peer. No problem….however the two keys were stuck together, totally defeating the the purpose. So, day and night shift still had to wait for each other to exchange keys!


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