JR does not appear on my flight reservation…Do I need to be concerned?

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I’ve done so much research on this subject over the years after having a couple issues. Most recently at my new job. I’ve read that TSA requires an exact match on the ticket to your ID. However, Delta has never once printed JR on my name, just my middle initial. I rarely use JR anymore as it’s created nothing but problems from credit cards to email to IDs.

My HR department at work did not recognize the space I put between my last name and suffix. I listed my full name as Douglas A. Herr Jr. I knew I was in trouble when my assigned email was Douglas.HerrJR@nuance.com. When it came time to book my first flight, sure enough…issues matching with frequent flyer award number and my travel ID for TSA pre. It took a couple weeks to have HR remove JR and IT to update my email which triggers everything for reservations in Concur. Now it just says Douglas A Herr on my tickets.

Delta merges my first name and middle initial. Every ticket I print says Herr, DouglasA. I’ve asked to have this corrected a million times. If I don’t print the ticket and just use the scan on my phone, no problem. If I use Clear at the airport, not a problem. But if I print my pass and try to go through TSA pre, I get questions.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBT) website, you may not receive TSA PreCheck “if your airline frequent flyer profile and reservation do not have your correct first/middle/last name and correct date of birth”. No suffix is required. In fact every site I go to makes no mention of requiring JR.

The real issue for any reservation, credit card application, or other memberships is they don’t provide a space for suffix on the application. I always put Herr followed by a space and then JR. They always drop the JR. My ATM card doesn’t even have JR on it but when I log into my account I see it on my profile.

At this point I’ve decided to proceed with my middle initial attached to the end of my last name and no suffix. With Real ID requirements, I wonder how this might impact all this. I always have my passport with me, so I probably won’t even bother getting that new license. Hopefully I won’t have any issues. Thank goodness my name isn’t Douglas Arthur Herr III. I could only imagine the nightmare!

Do you have a suffix? How do you tackle this issue? Leave your comments below.

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