Consultant Tips – A closer look at what we want while on the road

Travel has some perks for sure.  It can also make our lives harder then need be.  Let us start from the beginning and see where this road can take us.  I started consultanting many years ago traveling from Boston, MA to California weekly.  Since then I’ve had clients in CA, WA, HI, OH, IN, FL, and KY.  A couple years ago I went into consultant sales, and in 2010 started managing for my consultant firm.  Needless to say, I’ve slept, driven, eaten, and flown more then I can count…but have never shared those experiences.  Here is where we start with

We have to provide a focus, so why not break it up by just those areas we care about; Sleep, Eat, Drive, Fly, and obviously Points.  I hope to share stories and suggestions I’ve collected from others to help you dealing with all of these areas.

Let’s see where this goes….

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