Sleep – Renaissance Philadelphia Hotel Airport Review

For my first official review, I’m sharing from my own experience today.  I had to come to Philadelphia for the evening to meet up with some consultants.  Prices in town are crazy and I really wanted to stay close to the airport.  There was plenty to choose from, but I saw a Renaissance for only $169 a night, I took it.

I arrived to find a parking lot totally full at 2pm.  There is a swamp in the middle of the parking lot ( I think they think it is pretty) that actually just eats up spots and makes you walk around.   Once I found a spot I checked in with friendly staff.  I was recognized for my status and choose the welcome gift over points, wine and cheese to be delivered around 5pm. 

I was upgraded!  Always a nice surprise.  I knew because the minute I opened the door I was greeted by a dining room.  Around the corner was a what I would typically expect for a room.  My excitement around being upgraded quickly faded as I looked around.  Clearly an older hotel.  The tv was an old tube 27 inches at most.  The dining room table that greeted me, was an afterthought just in the middle of a large room with only three chairs.  (Where are the flowers?)  The dining room does have a small fridge and microwave.

I set up shop to only discover they charge for internet.  Really?  How sad.  Hours flew by while working and I noticed it was 5:30…needed to head out for dinner.  Wait a minute, wasn’t I supposed to have my welcome wine and cheese delivered at 5?  Yep…oh well.  They called and I said bring it but I would not be in the room.

Went for dinner, Marathon on 16th in downtown…don’t bother, sorry no review on that one tonight.  Nice time with the team. 

I returned at 10 to only find that neither of my keys allowed me in the room.  Ugh, I’m on the 11th floor.  I was surprised that the front desk offered me 1000 points for my inconvenience while getting a new key.  On my way back up I thought I would go to the concerierge lounge for a bottle of water.  It was completely broken down, even though they stay open to 12 and had nothing.  I thought about wine, but there was none.  Maybe a cookie, a half of a broken cookie remained.  Sad.

I got to my room finally and the key worked this time.  Thankfully.  As I set up my computer and scan the room and notice again, no wine and cheese.  I call and they apoligize.  Within 10 minutes I hear a knock at the door and am greeted by wine, brie, crackers, and an enire pint of vanilla HD ice cream.  Yummy!  Sure it’s 6 hours late…but who cares.

Not impressed.  Should have paid $9 more and stayed at full service Marriott directly attached to airport.  Or there are tons of hotels .5 miles up the street.  Lessoned learned…

Renaissance Phily Airport – Grade C+

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