How to avoid talking politics while on the road…

It’s so easy to fall into the age old trap of talking politics in an election year.  We all have opinions and we all have our predictions on this year’s election.  Having just spent a week in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana I was reminded everyday why to avoid talking politics.  It would come up in every meeting and every dinner.  “Romney is going to take it all the way!”  or “Obama doesn’t have a chance!” or “Sarah Palin should have run.”  Really???  Wow, I’m still sore from biting my tongue all week.

Here are my general rules on how to avoid getting sucked into these conversations.

1- Avoid the argument – Why even try to debate why Sarah Palin should not have run…do you really care?  I just smile and take a big bite of bread.

2 – Change the topic – There is always something else going on (Whitney, Oscars, Spring training…) change the subject.

3 – My phone is ringing – “I have to take this call” is my favorite excuse to get away from the table.

I knew my comments would be shut down before I even got my opinion out.  I’m from Boston…a slightly different culture then Mobile, AL or Jackson, MS.  Following these rules got me out of a potential really bad debate.  Instead I enjoyed my grits while we decided if Catholicism was another form of slavery that somehow is still legal…..I’m kidding.

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