My first lost luggage experience

I tell consultants to avoid checking luggage at all costs.  The time you save at check in and waiting for luggage when you arrive is significant.  I rarely check, I mean maybe two or three times a year.  As luck would have it, I had a carryon bag that I checked and sure enough…the bag went missing.

I arrived at Miami airport three hours early from a weekend cruise.  I decided to check as I didn’t want to drag the bag around for hours.  My Delta flight had a connection in JFK on the same plane…so no worries with making the connection.

I arrived in Boston and had the joy of waiting for my luggage.  Tagged as priority I figured it would be one of the first bags to come out.  30 minutes later…no bag.  Delta has a really sad little office at the Boston airport for lost luggage.  I almost never keep my boarding pass, I just throw it out once I board.  Fortunately I kept it with the sticker on the back coding my luggage.  5 different couples had their luggage lost and got in front of me in line.

An hour later, I finally got some answers.  For some reason Delta decided to mark my bag as JFK being my final destination.  I was given a lost baggage claim # and website to track my bag.  I was told it would be delivered that evening.

10pm I receive an email from Delta stating they don’t deliver after 10pm.  Not sure why they told me it would be delivered around midnight at the airport.  I was flying out the next day, so I was sort of hoping to get my shoes back!

The next morning I call and am told I’ll get a delivery between 9-12.  Great, now I can just sit at home watching the clock.  At 2pm, no luggage.  I call again, and am told the luggage is still at Logan airport.  At 4pm I receive an email stating it will be delivered between 4-7pm.  It’s been over 24 hours now since I got home.  At 7:15pm I call again, as I have to leave…I’m told the driver is in Quincy but has multiple deliveries.  Really?  What happened to between 9-12 this morning??  30 minutes later my phone rings and my luggage is delivered.

My bag was damaged…obviously.  The rubber strips on the back of the bag were half hanging on to the bag.  The contents were fine…to my surprise.  I’ve since sent in a baggage damage claim…I’m sure that will be resolved between 9-12am in 6-9 months!

Lessoned learned…don’t check luggage!  My own fault for being lazy.  It won’t happen again.

One Comment on “My first lost luggage experience

  1. At least you got your bag back. I once had a lost bag that was full of irreplacable photos from a 6 month trip to europe. I can understand the frustration of having to wait for your bag to finaly show up hours late from what you were told, but it really sucks to go throught that proccess and then never get the bag back. 3 days later after then concede to losing my bag.Then they have you fill out a detailed form describing what was in the bag. Finaly the airline sends you a check 8 weeks later for$200.00 and thinks that it will be ok. I never check anything that I am not afraid to lose. I agree, never check your bag!!!


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