Bedbugs…tips and tricks on avoiding these little suckers

We all would think that hotels would make sure their beds are clean, sheets fresh, and the mattresses free of bedbugs.  Well, even the finest of hotels appear to have these little issues with bedding.  I love the commercial for Hampton Inn showing the woman getting into bed in an air tight suit.  I feel like sometimes I should wear one of those as well.  So what can we do??

Some tricks I’ve learned over the years are as follows:

  • Remove bedspread – These are not washed very often and who knows what on them or in them.
  • Pull sheets down and inspect linens – I’ve found M&Ms once on the bottom of the sheets.  How the heck to you put clean sheets on and miss candy at the foot of the bed?  You’ll know if the sheets are clean, trust me.
  • Push the mattress to the side and exam the edge of the box spring – Turn the lights off and use your cell phone light.  Look for a black line around the edge of the box spring.  If you see a black line…that is bedbug poop…run!
  • Remove pillow case and exam pillows – If I’m going to put my head on something, I want to know there is nothing crawling around on it!

A friend sent me a wonderful website this week,  I was shocked to see the hotels listed here.  You can actually type in your hotel address and it will show you any history of bedbugs.  A lot of the lower chains are listed here…but what would you expect at a Super 8? Sleep well….

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