Nap Travel Pillows and other useless travel comfort items. Who has one?

Head pillow

Today we have more gadgets and comfort items for travel available then we know what to do with.  I thought I would post some of the crazy silly things out there.  Don’t be shy, if you own some of these…share your story!

Why carry a pillow when you can just wear it like a hat.  I have to get one of these!!

Hat Pillow





This thing looks like a brick.  Who is really going to carry this on a plane?






You just never know when you may need a shower.

Pocket Shower





I’ve heard of not wanting to check luggage…but jeez.





You just never know when you may need a fork.





Now here is a simple travel organizer and seat cover to bring with you.  Really?

Travel Organizer




The “Nap Travel Pillow” has taken things to a whole new level.  I really want to see someone wearing this on a plane.

nap travel pillow 2


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