Thinking Outside the Box For Your Next Engagement

boxWe’ve all heard the rumors.  Client’s are reducing budgets, avoiding contractors, and limiting extensions.  Epic needs are down, Meditech is a slow sinking ship, McKesson is for Legacy support only, and Siemens is dead…and no one is even talking Cerner.  These rumors are somewhat true, but certainly are not the end of consulting as we know it.  It simply means we have to start being aggressive, creative, and a bit more flexible.  The days of having 2-3 year contracts within your specific vendor space is quickly coming to an end.  So what can we do?

The very first friend I made in the world of consulting came from Cerner.  Her analytical skills and workflow knowledge made her a great candidate to cross over into other vendor spaces.  If Epic wasn’t all about certifications, many of us would have such opportunities.  The timing and client was just right to break into Epic for her all those years ago.  Could it still happen today?  Well, we are seeing junior consultant programs growing to provide newly trained Epic resources.  Why couldn’t that be a Senior Consultant from another vendor space?  It can, but you’ll need to be flexible and market yourself creatively.  Can you transfer your knowledge from Epic to other spaces?  YES!!  I’m seeing that everywhere.

Areas that are likely to continue to grow are not your traditional EHR systems.  It’s time to look outside the box.  Areas like Help Desk services is going to be big.  Clients are starting to look for solutions to outsource their Help Desk coverage.  Home Health has been overlooked, but is finally catching on to the benefits of newly developed software….and consultants are needed.  Specialties like Dentistry, Orthopedics, and Physical Therapy are finally catching on as well.  Do you have experience in any of these areas?  Regardless of your traditional vendor training, consultants with experience in these areas are likely to continue to be tapped.

Look for firms with this type of “thinking outside the box” philosophy for your next opportunity.  Don’t limit your resume to just vendor specific experience.  Highlight your department workflow and cross vendor exposure to market yourself.  None of us should be facing the bench with so much cross vendor opportunity happening now.

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