Delta Announces Changes to Frequest Flyer Program…again


Seems Delta just keeps changing it’s programs and services for the worse year after year.  The announcement states that Delta flyers will now earn “miles” based on the cost of the ticket rather than actual miles flown.  An advantage to Diamond and Platinum members is that you’ll earn an extra five to eleven miles per dollar, based on Skymiles status.  Silver and Gold will not earn any extra bonus miles.  This new format will cater to the elite traveler, most likely international travelers…bumping your average consultant back to seat 32B.

I don’t know about you, but I always choose the cheapest flight I can based on the schedule that works for me.  Our clients will certainly not understand if you jump from an average of $450 a week to $800 a week, just so you can earn more miles.  Who would possibly benefit from this in our industry?  I don’t see this attracting new business at all.  Even CBS news reported that Delta wants to attract the guy who will pay $10,000 for ticket in first class, because their company will pay for it.  The only plus I see is less families and riffraff, the minus…is folks like you and I will become that riffraff.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the change was in fact intended to award business travelers and mirrors several programs today.  What I found most interesting was the airlines with this type of program are the discount airlines.  If Delta wants to be a “premium” airline, you would not expect them to copy a formula from AirTran or jetBlue.  Regardless, I’ve almost stopped flying Delta completely.  Except for today, which is of coarse delayed, oversold, and filled with riffraff returning from Orlando to Boston. 


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