ICD-10 Potential Delay…Again


Our industry continues to be impacted by government decisions regarding Meaningful Use and ICD-10. The latest news regarding the vote for a one year delay in the House, once again puts us and our clients at odds. This will go to Senate on Monday for vote and presidential signature. Should that happen, October 2015 will be the new target date.

Those of you supporting ICD-10 readiness assessments now are probably a bit concerned. Integrated testing would be put on hold, system upgrades would take priority, and ongoing roll outs to community practices may be limited to clinical applications. I had just recently been working with a client who decided to delay their install of Epic revenue applications until after ICD-10 roll out. What would this mean to them? I can only imagine the headaches and direct impact to budgets, project plans, and overall IT strategy. For many, this would mean back to the drawing board to come up with a new plan.

Could this be good news for consulting industry? Yes, absolutely. Clients will hopefully look at this 12 month delay (if it happens), as a an opportunity to spend the next 3-4 months to pull a plan together. Education and testing will continue to be the two biggest opportunities for consultants.

Let’s watch and see what happens next week. I’ll be curious to hear the thoughts of those already providing ICD-10 support today. Leave your reply below.

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