Debate on Airlines Placing AMEX Advertising Tags on Checked Luggage

Image,, and other travel blogs are attacking Delta airlines for placing advertising tags on checked luggage at Sea-Tac Airport.  Travelers have stated they have experienced up to a 40 minute delays in receiving their luggage, one posting even states this is “vandalism,” as part of their complaint. reached out to Delta to confirm the program, where they found out Delta has hired a team to place these tags and are not seeing any delays due to the program. 

What is the problem people?  It’s not like TSA isn’t already opening your suitcase and rummaging through your underwear looking for…well, who knows what.  To expedite the process, Amex should just place an advertisement on the back of the TSA notice that your suitcase was opened.  Maybe this would save money for TSA and they could open more security lines and stop allowing randoms to merge into TSA Pre-Check lines.  There is an idea!  I mean do we not have enough real issues to complain about when traveling, that now we are worried about someone placing a tag on our luggage.  Here’s another idea, don’t check.  

What are your thoughts?  Post your response below.

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